The concept of meditation is receiving a gradual hype in the modern world for quite some time. Social media influencers, business gurus and doctors are giving more and more importance to the need of practising meditation for a sound mind and healthy body. This trend started a while ago when societies started to suffer from increasing cases of loneliness, stress and breakdowns. Globalisation has shifted the entire pace of living and many people found it hard to keep up. The increase of competition in the corporate world burned out people and many found it hard to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Technology and the advent of smartphones made social relationships easy, fast, superficial and disposable. While technology and the faster pace of living have rewarded us with great comforts of modern life, the overwhelming speed made millennials feel exhausted and dissatisfied. People began to search frantically for ways to reduce stress. While humanity has always suffered from mental stress, never before we were in such an urgent need for a cure.

The practise of meditation has been around for ages. But most societies often tied it to religion, spirituality or simple hippy-ness. Besides, nobody had the time or patience to relax and sit still for a few minutes doing nothing. As strange as it sounds, sitting still and doing nothing is far harder for us than running around and always doing something. The lack of knowledge of meditation was also a reason. Schools naturally put more attention to academics, sports and arts and rarely focused on health, or more specifically mental health.

It’s a good sign that we as a society has finally started to realise the importance of mental health. And we have also scientifically proven that we have healthier means to reduce stress levels than addictions, religions, food or mindless distractions. The theory of meditation is simple-sitting still for some time and devoting your attention to something physical, like a breath or sound. But its way harder to practise. If the simple act of sitting still and have nothing to worry us for some time seems hard enough, that does tell us something about our stress level, doesn’t it?