Bird Flu and how it affects humans

Bird flu(Avian Influenza) is a type of influenza virus which rarely infects humans but recently some have proved to infect humans like H5N1 and H7N9. It can be deadly when this virus strikes humans. The virus has killed many chickens and ducks and sometimes even people. Scientifically speaking, the bird flu can spread to healthy people through meat and egg. So if not properly cooked, it will not be safe to eat.

The infected birds can pass the virus by contact with sick birds. A deadly flu virus outbreak was reported in the southern part of India recently. Therefore a flu alert has been issued in Kerala. The signs can be visible quickly after the person gets infected and the complications too. The result can be dangerous like pneumonia, sepsis, organ failure, acute respiratory distress.

It is important to seek medical care quickly after showing these symptoms to prevent further complications. It can be treated using antiviral medications such as zanamivir( Relenza) or oseltamivir(Tamiflu). It will help reduce the severity of the infection, prevent further complications and increase the chances of survival.

Prevention is better than cure. So in order to prevent bird flu, maintain good hygiene, and avoid direct contact with birds. Do not eat undercooked meat or egg. It is very important to prevent all sorts of changes that could cause the spread of infections.

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