Panchakrma is the ultimate detox practise in Ayurveda. The term means ‘five actions’ which are integral to the purification and reset of body. The five treatments are meant to give a rejuvenating detox to your body.

Our body accumulate various kinds of toxic and poisonous substances throughout lifetime. Unbeknown to us, these toxic substances affect our mental and physical wellbeing. Overtime, we begin to feel exhaustion and our body become host to several symptoms. Panchakrma basically gives our body a much needed `break’ and refreshes us.

A Panchakrma therapy comprises of various specific treatments for body nourishment. Some of these include

  • Abhyanga

  • Swedana

  • Basti

  • Nasya

  • massage


Abhyanga is the oil massage. A massage with proper ayurvedic ingredients gives your body refreshing energy. Swedana or steam therapy corrects your metabolism. Basti are herbal enemas and nasya is nasal administration of medicines. Poorvakarma or preparatory practices precede the actual detoxification. The body is diagnosed for dosha imbalances and its specific needs. Each individual human body might need individual treatment plans. The body has to be made ready for the cleansing. The detoxing treatments correct our body of dosha imbalances and clear the toxicities. Panchakarma purifies the muscle tissues and eliminate the waste through various means. It helps in the reorganisation of enzymes, hormones and metabolism.

Ayurveda recommend panchakarma as a means to maintain a healthy and long living body. Periodic detoxification is necessary to preserve the vitality of body and improve the core strength. Our quick and unhealthy lifestyle has made us sick and weak. The environment that is getting polluted day by day adds to the misery. It is very hard to go back to nature and ensure only the purest supply of air, water and food. We cannot live a life without in taking at least some harmful substances. Panchakarma is the natural remedy to lose the waste substances once in a while and replenish the spirit energy. The five-fold therapy is a fresh and pleasurable experience that gives a healing effect to our body and mind.

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