A Body Mass Index on or above 30 is considered as obesity. It is one of the common health issues faced by kids as well as adults. Obesity can be defined as having a huge amount of fat in our body. Over the last few decades, it has become a major health issue. It is the aftereffect of our busy schedules and an unhealthy lifestyle. There are a few ways in which you can instill in your children to develop healthy food habits in them and maintain their proper health. Let’s discuss a few of them

  • Feed the right quantity of food - It is a common scenario where parents try to stuff their kids with food 24x7. This may be due to your concern about the growth of your child. Unfortunately, this is a wrong practice. You have to feed them healthy food at regular time intervals. Developing the habit of consuming the right and adequate quantity of food can keep them healthy.
  • Build early relationships with healthy food - Feed kids healthy and nutritious food from a younger age itself. Including varieties of fruits, vegetables, and food items rich in proteins and vitamins will make them healthy as well as habituated to healthy food items. This will also make them incorporate healthy food items in their diet throughout their life.
  • Encourage eating slowly and when hungry - Making eating as a hobby ends up storing additional food as body fats. This will result in obesity. Hence, consumption is necessary only when hungry. Chewing food properly will help indigestion. Swallowing food may result in stomach troubles.
  • Adopt healthy eating measures for the entire family - Usually, kids learn from what elders in the house do. They also try to imitate the habits to which they get attracted. If the parents maintain a healthy food habit, it will encourage kids to also maintain the same. It will also help in reducing access to unhealthy foods.
  • Incorporate fun and exciting physical activity - Kids are usually physically active. You have to ensure that they are engaged in physical activities to keep them healthy. You can encourage them to learn any games or sports. One hour of physical activity per day is mandatory for kids.
  • Ensure enough sleep - Adequate sleep is necessary for both kids and adults to stay healthy. Studies show that those who don’t get enough sleep end up gaining weight. 8 hours of undisturbed sleep is required for humans.
  • Know what they eat outside home - You should keep a track of what your kids eat outside home. When they are in school, with friends or babysitters, you have to ensure that they eat healthy food. Though you can’t monitor them always, you can ask them what they had and advise them to have healthy food.

Thus, it is vital to take care of the health and safety of your family in all possible ways. Instilling good habits in kids can help you bring a healthy generation.

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