Types of Medical Tourism

Put simply, medical tourism is when a person travels to another country to obtain medical treatment. Also, travelling to another city or state also is a part of medical tourism and is generally called domestic medical tourism.The different types of medical tourism are:

  • Outbound: This happens when patients travel to a foreign country from their home country for medical treatment.
  • Inbound: This happens when patients travel from a foreign country to the home country in search of medical care.
  • Domestic or Intrabound: This is when patients travel to different parts of their country. International travel does not happen here.

The types of treatments in medical tourism are dentistry, orthopaedics, cosmetic/plastic surgery, cancer treatment, complementary and alternative medicine, cardiology, bariatric surgery, stem cell therapy, fertility treatment, eye surgery, ENT, organ transplants, neurology, general diagnostics and rehabilitation.

The above mentioned facts add to the increasing influx of tourists who aim for medical tourism in Kerala, where one of the first steps to be implemented is the use of medical disposables like probe covers into the health care system.