The Sixth Sense Hypothesis

Imagine in the future scientist create a pill that can give you enough nutrients as that of a single meal. There are absolutely no side effects and the creation of one pill takes very little resources as well as cost .In a nut-shell it will be cheaper to consumer a pill rather than spending variety of resources, time and effort in farming, production and processing. The only downside is that the pill is absolutely tasteless If this condition is fulfilled it is very sure that human beings as a race would adopt this method of nutrition. If the laws of evolution still hold true then eventually human beings will out-evolve the need for the tongue and it would lead to a loss of a primary sense of taste. Now imaging before we started creating weapons and houses for safety we had a sixth sense that would warn us about oncoming dangers. Think of it as a spider sense and we outgrew this sense as a result of technological advancements. Now isn’t this a possibility?