We live in a world that is growing rapidly. The COVID-19 crisis diminished this pace of our world. The economic and social growth have been dizzying due to this crisis. A world which we have never thought of experiencing. Everything changed promptly. They have come so thick and fast that it’s difficult to recollect just how radical some of them are. Life will return to a facade of the past in fewer areas. But life will not be the same, in numerous areas. This is what a crisis does. Amidst the unexpected disaster, the world is witnessing numerous developments and much needed reforms to overcome the challenges faced due to this pandemic.

The global flu epidemic of 1918 inflicted the creation of national health services in many European countries. The Great Depression of 1929, quickly followed by the Second World War, set the stage for the modern welfare state. Now, Covid-19 has brought a drastic change in economic and social thinking. Yes, we are in a phase of adapting to the new normal. A reformed world.

It has replaced perfumes, lipsticks, mouth fresheners from our easy access areas with hand sanitizers, face masks, thermometers, hand gloves etc. Even the handshake which we used as a gesture to greet someone when we meet them, turned into namaste now. Social distancing is another burdensome measure we have to maintain in order to stay healthy and safe. Except the health sector, this pandemic attacked all the sectors of our economy and left a majority of them lifeless.

Though it brought distractions in the normal standards of our life, to take it in a positive manner, our researchers and businessmen are developing innovative ideas to execute the tasks. Many sectors have adopted various new platforms to fulfil their tasks and duties on time. For example, our education system adopted the digital platform to educate students. It was a challenging step for them since there are many limitations to it. Not every student has access to the Internet, not every teacher is tech savvy, not every parent can afford this system, vulnerable to distractions etc are a few areas where they have to focus and find a remedy. Likewise, various production houses are considering OTT platforms to release commercial movies since it is hard to speculate when everything will come back to normal.

Many new businesses have flourished. For example manufacturing of digital thermometers, face masks, PPE kits, hand sanitizers, N95 masks etc have started on a large scale. We witnessed how the rate of a mask hiked from Rs. 5 to Rs. 30 instantly. People are focusing on things which are on high demand. Since it is difficult and scary to leave our home, we would be apprehensive even to go to shops to buy the necessities. A solution has been employed even for this. Online shopping. You must be thinking what am I blabbering, it is there for a long time. Yes you’re right. But with the outbreak of this pandemic, it has even reached the far flung areas. Whether you are in an urban or a rural area, now you have such online platforms available to deliver your necessities at your doorstep. Due to the high competition, you can get things at cheaper rates. Because of the prevailing situations, a good deal of people are also preferring this option.

We don’t know when or whether things will come back to how it used to be. Our freedom to movement has been affected substantially. Our lifestyle itself witnessed extreme changes. Let’s hope everything will be sorted out soon. At this time, what we can do is accept the situation and adapt to it. Stick to all information dispersed by our health departments. Let’s contribute fruitful ideas to the new normal method of living. Let’s stay healthy and safe. Let the world undergo profitable reforms and revitalise its inhabitants.

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