Nasya is the nasal administration of ayurvedic medicine. It is a part of panchakarma treatment which aims for the total detoxification of the body. Medications administrated through the nose are believed to have an intense and quick effect on the body and mind. It is beneficial for the rejuvenation of prana Vata and tarpaka kapha.

The Nasya therapy requires the intake of specially prepared herbal oils with ayurvedic ingredients. These oils are prepared from a variety of medicinal plants and have a profound impact on body metabolism. Nasya can be highly beneficial for the treatment of ear, nose and throat as the nasal passageway is considered as the easiest route to head.

The steps for Nasya are as follows:

1. Poorvakarma

This is a preparatory step meant to loosen up your body and make it ready for treatment. This includes facial oil massages and steam application to face and neck.


2. Pradhanakarma

This is the major step in Nasya. Pradhanakarma involves nasal ingestion of medication through both nostrils. This can be done with the help of tools like a dropper. The medication is a carefully prepared mix of herbal medicines.


3. Panchakarma

This is the last and cleansing step. Warm water is used to gargle and refresh the mouth region.

The medicines intake through nostrils reach the nervous system and then to the venous system. It relaxes various blockages pertaining to these systems and loosens up the tissues. Medicated oils have the power to refresh and rejuvenate our brain.

Nasya treatment can be very beneficial if undertaken under the supervision of a licensed therapist. There are certain rules and safety standards associated with nasal ingestion. One is not advised to do Nasya after a heavy meal. 

Nasya can relieve body pain, stress and help in skin and hair care. It is also a common detoxification method used in panchakarma. It improves eyesight, increases body immunity and helps in developing better mood.

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