We are dead wrong if we believe it’s only the adults who have to deal with a stressful life. Schools and colleges are often places of massive stress filled situations in a student’s life. A huge amount of academic expectations are placed on the young adult’s shoulders and this burdens them along with all the other external factors. Student population is one of the most vulnerable communities of people prone to adverse mental problems.  Studies has shown that a vast number of students suffer from depression, anxiety and behavioural problems. Here are five common causes of stress in a student’s life

  1. Workload

The heavy workload is often distributed in a uniform manner with complete disregard for different calibres of students. Many students struggle to cope up with the mammoth amount of lessons and homework they are expected to learn. This hectic workload forces a teenager to work many times harder than his/her capacity and eventually pushes them over the edge.

  1. Expectations

It is terrifying when the gigantic workload is coupled with a severe case of expectations from parents and teachers. Students who show a moderately sufficient performance are expected to maintain this level at any cost and students who struggle with academics are brutally criticised. Both positive and negative feedbacks are often taken to the extreme, creating unnecessary pressure on students.

  1. Lack of organised authority

A major part of student life is taking orders from adults and act accordingly. When the guidance system itself is flawed, it affects the student negatively. It is the same as an employee receiving different kinds of orders from his/her superiors. Lack of experience and training in teachers reflects as lack of organised authority and this affects students, who are expected to do nothing but take orders.

  1. Lack of free time

Students are asked to do a lot of work in a very little time. Many schools and teachers across the world still hold the skewed concept that a student does not require his/her leisure time. As a result, a student is essentially restricted from his/her opportunity to learn social skills, interact with people and learn valuable life lessons. Academics are even encroaching a student’s necessary time for proper sleep.

  1. Need to fit in

Society as a whole has a tendency to ignore the different personality traits and unique characteristics of children. The academic field reflects this. We preach an extroverted culture and asks our students to fit in no matter what their individual needs are. As a result, they grow up with an unrealistic expectation of fitting in and filling the social norms. This causes a good deal of pressure in the students and make them feel alienated.


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