In our day to day life, we face a lot of difficulties, right? Everybody faces problems. It’s regardless of your financial, social or mental status. Those issues which are confined only to an individual or a few individuals can be categorised as personal issues. On the other hand, there are issues, though the victim is only one individual or a few people, it can be an issue concerning a huge group of people, such issues can be categorised as social issues. Those issues which fall under this category have to have the following characteristics

  • The situation has to be considered as a problem by public
  • It threatens the general values of society
  • It is a severe concern for society
  • It can be solved through the cooperation of citizens and/or community resources

So, it can be considered as the issues faced by society. There are a lot of problems which our society faces like poverty, homelessness, pollution, unemployment, child labour, human trafficking, rape, suicide, scarcity of resources, natural calamities, corruption, hunger, alcoholism, child abuse, drug abuse, gender inequality etc. All these affect the moral values and proper functioning of our community. In a way or another, we are responsible for everything. You may think, nothing is going to change if you alone change. When everybody adopts this principle, the world will witness worse situations. Let us change for the better and guide others to follow the right path. What if you can change at least one person for the better? That is an accomplishment, isn’t it?

Few ways which we can adapt to overcome these issues are

  1. Education - It teaches a person moral values. It can help him/her understand the various issues going around and how to act wisely. It can also help in mitigating unemployment.
  2. Counselling - Proper counselling can help our people to come back to their normal life. It can help them to leave their bad habits and focus on following a healthy life.
  3. Helpful authorities - When those who are supposed to help us and work for our rights are themselves corrupted, we cannot approach them in case we face any issues. Thus, having helpful and dutiful officers are necessary.
  4. Ensuring basic amenities - When we can work together and provide the basic amenities like food, shelter, water, clothes etc to a human being, we can uplift him/her and bring about a healthy citizen.

A socially responsible and good-hearted human being can help plenty of people who are in need. The social issues are the challenges faced by a community and it affects the healthy and fruitful growth of the community. Having a drug-addicted youth, good or bad for society? Though s/he doesn’t belong to your family, it is a threat to all of us. Thus, all of us have to collectively work to eradicate such social issues. A joint activity will bring positive results.

First, you have to identify the social issues faced by your community. Then, prepare a few plans to overcome these issues. If one plan doesn’t work, you can choose another. Concentrate on the affected area or people and try to counsel them. Adopt the necessary measures. It varies depending on the issues faced. If you feel you need help from any higher/government authorities, approach them. In case sponsors are required, you can circulate the news. Kind-hearted people may be there in your community itself, who may offer help. Be it any issue, by adopting proper measures and the cooperation of people can overcome all those issues.

We have to save our society from such social issues and illegal activities. Take responsibility and work to achieve this goal. There are a lot of NGOs who work with this motive. Let’s appraise their efforts. Always remember community health is necessary for your better living. In a pandemic situation like this, let’s reach out to the vulnerable community of our society and offer help. Let’s supply food items and necessary medical equipment which are necessary for survival.

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