The global endemic and mandatory quarantine has driven us all indoors since months. Many of us must be struggling to accommodate a changing daily routine. Since most of us will be working home, our routines are drastically changed and it might take some time to cope with the new changes.

Those  who have been hitting gym regularly and has a consistent workout routine has to put it in into an abrupt end.  But a time like this can be fruitfully utilised by learning a little bit of workouts and practices you can do at home itself.

Indoor workouts are a great way to remain fitness without having to pay a regular sum at gym or on exercise tools. There are a lot of stretches and exercises we can do within the comforts of home even without any equipment. Save the commute, save the money and the added convenience of privacy - how cool is that? Here are some of the simple indoor workout routines you can start today itself.

  1. Push-ups

Push ups are great ways of maintaining body flexibility and muscle mass. It builds your upper body strength and provides overall shape to your pectoral muscles and triceps. Do ten or fifteen push ups in one set. Take breaks between each set to avoid possible muscle tightening.

  1. Crunches

Crunches give special boost to your abdominal muscles. It’s a great exercise to lose unnecessary body fats in the stomach. To do a classic crunch, lie on the floor with your knees bent and raise your upper body by supporting it with arms resting on the back of your head. Pull your body towards knees and go back to the previous state. Repeat this for five or ten times in a row for good results.

  1. Jumping jacks

Jumping jacks are a simple and easy workout that is believed d to help our respiratory system and is great for cardiovascular health. There are tons of aerobic benefits for this particular exercise. There are many different types of jumping jacks .A classic jumping jack is quite easy. Start by standing up and spreading your legs and arms. Simultaneously jump and bring your arms and legs close to the body and spread them back. They are a quite fun exercise to do especially for those who haven’t worked out for a while.

  1. Plank

Plank is a core strength exercise that will help enormously with building a good body posture. It is believed to improve balance of the body as well as good for joint health.  In a plank exercise, you will have to straighten your body as if in a mid-push up and keep it there only supporting it with your arms. Maintain this position as long as possible. Planks also help in burning unnecessary belly fat and strengthens your upper body.


While let’s hope we don’t have to stay inside for too long and the pandemic is contained soon, we can make this quarantine time productive by focusing a little bit on health and fitness.