The world has been witnessing a pandemic for the last few months. Now the majority of us know the precautionary methods to stop the spread of this pandemic. The authorities disseminated the necessary measures to be followed in concern with the prevention of community spread. We know we are supposed to maintain social distancing, avoid public gatherings, wash hands with soap or use hand sanitizers and use of face masks. Don’t you think face masks play a major role in this? Let’s broach about it.

There are a variety of face masks available in the market now. People started concentrating on its manufacturing and opted for it as a business. Face masks act as a physical barrier and prevent the transfer of the virus from infected people to his/her surroundings. These viruses are transferred through respiratory droplets of an infected person, for eg: through sneezing, talking, coughing etc. We all know COVID-19 is a communicable disease and no medicine is found satisfactory yet. Thus prevention of contract is the only method advisable. Face masks help in turning down the chances of contracting the disease by stopping the transmission of the virus. It acts as an obstacle. If an infected person is wearing a mask, it will help in restricting the virus from reaching its surroundings. If a healthy person is wearing the mask, it will prevent the virus from entering the body of the person.

Some people turn positive without showing any symptoms. That means it can be presymptomatic or asymptomatic. Hence, everybody must wear a mask regardless of his/her health conditions. However, studies show that infected people can still transmit the virus to people around them. The data suggest that the use of face coverings can help mitigate the spread of the disease by infected individuals.

Despite the scientific evidence supporting the wearing of masks, many people have raised objections to its use.

  1. Masks don’t work - This is not the fact. Many are apprehensive about the prevention of disease by wearing masks. Though it cannot eradicate the pandemic, it reduces the chance of contracting the disease. These recommendations are put forward by skilled and experienced healthcare professionals. We are supposed to follow that and aid them in their efforts to eradicate the disease.
  2. Masks are uncomfortable - Certain masks can be uncomfortable for you. You are advised to try different masks and see how it works for you. It can create humidity, in that case, choose a mask made of cotton which is a more breathable material than polyester. If it hurts your ears, choose a mask with soft cloth covering over the elastic band. It can fog up spectacles, place your spectacles over the mask on the bridge of your nose to help hold the mask in place and also help reduce the fog under your glasses.
  3. I am not vulnerable - Our health departments categorised immunocompromised individuals as vulnerable to this pandemic. But it doesn’t mean a healthy person can’t contract the infection. The death rate is high in the vulnerable categories, as per the studies. You can be a carrier of this virus though you are healthy. In that case, you may transmit this virus to your loved ones who fall under the vulnerable category. Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether you are vulnerable to or not, to protect yourself and your loved ones, you have to wear face masks.

Masks prove to contribute largely to reducing the spread of Covid-19. It works on a simple principle. Physically obstructing the virus to reach a healthy body or to leave from an infected person through his/her nose or mouth. Thus, don’t be apprehensive in wearing masks and finding an appropriate one for you. This is for the protection of you and your loved ones.

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