Say Goodbye To Injections

Growing up, I am sure we all at one point had the fear of needles and injection in particular. Emory University and the Georgia Institute of Technology have decided to safe guard the future generation from this few minutes of fear by introducing a painless sticking plaster jab that delivers the same function as that of an injection needle. The first of its kind was introduced for the flu vaccine which makes use of micro needles on the adhesive side of the plaster to penetrate the skin’s surface. The plaster jab performs the function with the same effectiveness as that of the injection. You just need to place the needle for an overall time of 20 minutes. The side effects to this technology was the same as wearing a plaster, mild itching and redness which passed on its own in a few days’ time. It was tested on 100 volunteers who quoted it was completely painless and further studies shows it had done its purpose as well. Lead researcher Prof Mark Prausnitz said: "If you zoom in under the microscope what you'll see are microscopically small needles. They puncture painlessly into the skin."John Edmunds, an expert in infectious diseases said: "This study is undoubtedly an important step towards a better way to deliver future vaccines." The vaccine has already been approved in the U.S and we can look forward to an injection free future.