Rewards in Health Insurance has always stayed on top of the medical field, weather in terms of technology, policy or ingenuity always delivered these information first to the public. An ingenious new design that caught our attention is about how staying healthy could mean you get a reward in the future, Don’t trust me, Hipster insurance company, Oscar Health has already made the initial steps. They have decided to make one of the riskiest businesses known to man - Insurance and turn it into something entertaining. The company has decided that all members under the insurance program can earn 1$ everyday by means on Fitbit data. It is estimated that by the year 2020 a majority of the general populous would have wearable devices and Oscar Health is only the first insurance company to capitalize on this feature. If the registered user reach their fitness goals they are entitled to their dollar. It is only a matter of time before smoking, drinking, junk foods and lack of exercise would cost them additional expense of fine in their health insurance package.