Recently we got into an unprecedented time where we were quarantined in our home and protected ourselves from the outside. The spread of coronavirus has hit us so hard and we started to begin a lifestyle which is not normal since then. We used many precautionary steps to prevent the virus and practiced social distancing. We got into face masks combined with preventive measures, like frequent hand washing and all. 

It is a super spreading virus and using face masks will slow down its mass spread. When they realized to work on face masks, it became a necessity to prevent the virus. The W.H.O recommends including any face masks which will ensure your safety from the virus. 


With a type of respirator, it provides more protection than surgical masks. It blocks about 95 very small particles and thus provides extra protection. These are supposed to be disposed of after use and researchers are trying to disinfect N95 masks so that they can be reused. 


They are also known as medical masks which are loose-fitting disposable masks that protect the nose and mouth from germs. It filters large particles and is a bitter option if N95 masks are not available.  


Cloth masks can trap droplets released from sneeze, cough, and talk. It has a better chance to reduce the spread of viruses and are used by people in public. While other types of masks may be short in supply, cloth masks are easy to make and use since they are washable and reusable. 

Be it any type of mask, try to wear one and be socially responsible. Do not risk the lives of you and other people. The covid 19 virus is more deadly than we have imagined, so take necessary precautions to avoid a massive spread and further complications.  

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