Noise Pollution

In most cases we overlook this phenomenon but it is equally harmful as the rest of the pollutants. People are not aware of its adverse effects. Today let us discuss on the ways noise pollution damages your health.

  • Heart damage: High levels of noises increases your heart rate and that automatically releases hormones such as noradrenaline and cortisol which in long periods can cause stroke and heart failure.
  • Loss of hearing: The most common ailment. Periodic listening or a sudden exposure, both of which could cause hearing loss.
  • Loss of Memory: Periodic listening to music distracts ones from their daily studies and the mind gets filled with songs and it leads to loss of memory.
  •  Productivity decrease: It’s quite natural that if there is a constant buzz in your work environment you can’t get proper work done and it also increases your irritability and your general mood.
  • Sleep Deprivation: Loud noises keep one awake and lack of sufficient sleep tends to have both physical and neurological defects to the individual. 


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