Mobile Game To Improve Memory

Everyone at some point in their life or several points in their lives in fact must have dreaded the fact that we have forgotten something important. The consequences aside we all wished to have better memory. There are indeed people who have the condition of ‘Mild Cognitive impairment’ (MCI) which means they suffer from normal forgetfulness as well as the cognitive memory decline. The advancements of technology in the field of health care have surprised us once again with the introduction of a mobile game that helps fights this condition.

In an experiment at the University of Cambridge, 40 individuals all of whom have registered case of MCI and over 45 ages have been called up to the clinic and asked to play a game for 1 hour every day. The control group follows the 1 hour regime while the other group may casually come and go as they please. At the end of the experiment it was shown that that the controlled group had an increase of 40% in their memory standards. The game involves memorizing different geographic shapes. As the skill level increases more complex shapes and number also increases.


Prof. Barbara Sahakian, co-inventor of the game says that "Good brain health is as important as good physical health. There's increasing evidence that brain training can be beneficial for boosting cognition and brain health, but it needs to be based on sound research and developed with patients.It also needs to be enjoyable enough to motivate users to keep to their programs"