The idea of an all-vegan diet is slowly getting popular around the globe. A vegan diet is a lifestyle centred around only plant based food. This includes vegetables, fruits and other direct plant products. The vegan diet lifestyle has been followed by many countries since the dawn of civilization. But recently it began to grow more attention in the west, whose food culture predominantly centred on meat and animal products. This started parallel to the minimalism movement which advocated the simplicity and comforts of a minimal lifestyle. It also has a lot to do with the subtle spiritualty awareness of the millennial. Many resort to a plant based diet because it is believed to detoxify and purify the human body. Another major reason behind this shift is the world’s growing awareness and need to protect environment and animal lives in it, which is a very optimistic sign.
While scientist does believe in the evolutionary need of human body for animal proteins, they does point out that a vegetarian diet has many merits. Plant based food does favours our digestive system by a lot. If done right, such a lifestyle has many health benefits. Veganism has been proved to help in weight loss. The feeling of fullness can lead you to take fewer calories and this might be the reason behind the weight loss phenomena. A vegan diet also can help you control your blood sugar level, thus fighting off disorders like diabetes to a limit. Many experts also believe that excluding meat from diet can drastically improve your heart condition and improve respiratory health. 
Ayurveda itself prescribes a vegetarian diet style as it will help to remove toxic chemicals from the body, which are responsible for disorders like stress, anxiety, chronic worry etc. It is also believed to aid digestion, good kidney functioning and reduce symptoms of arthritis, cancers and even Alzheimer’s. 
The vegan diet is gaining more popularity as more people are choosing it for ethical or health reasons. One can say, this is a huge positive leap for not just humanity but environment in general as it can check on the mad animal cruelty, the world has been resorting to over generations.