Ill Effects of Sleeping Next to Your Mobile Phone

We live in a world where the average smart phone has replaced alarm clocks, watches, calculators, cameras etc. The nifty gadget has been so worthwhile that one rarely puts it down. Half the population even takes it in with them in the showers and the new waterproof models are assisting in this. Many of us even sleep next to our phones and believe it or not that has some health hazards involved. The radiation that smartphones emit is really dangerous and not advisable for any reason. It affects our biological clock and our cardiac rhythms. These radiations that cell phones produce are based on ionizing radiation and wavelengths which can even affect the human psyche and increase levels of stress. Even when one is not using the phone, it still communicates with base stations by radio transmissions. This means that the phones are constantly radiating electromagnetic waves into the environment and placing it near your head while sleeping is like “spreading contagions” of these waves that do us no good. Insomnia, poor concentration, cognitive problems, lack of productivity, irritability, nightmares, headaches are some other issues that may arise.