It is not a secret that healthy sleeping habits have a massive impact on your quality of life. Sleep has a very major role in the health and vitality of a human being. Funny thing is, it is also one of those necessities we think are easily expendable. Scientists recommend an eight hour sleep for the healthy functioning and productivity of an adult human. Children and elderly people need even more hours of sleep in their daily schedule.  

Due to a fast paced and stressful modern life, the sleep cycle of a working adult is hugely compromised. Anxiety, work-life imbalance, relationship and family issues etc. keep us awake and deprive us of our much needed sleep. Social media and networking culture has its own contribution too. According to studies, a third of population are suffering from chronic insomnia. How can we ensure a proper eight hour sleep for ourselves? Here are a few simple tricks for a healthy sleeping habit.

  1. Follow a schedule

It is advised to create and stick to a daily sleeping habit. Go to bed and wake up at a regular time every day. This helps your body to adjust faster to the biological clock and form a proper circadian rhythm.

  1. Reduce bright light exposure

Most of us cannot imagine going to bed before an hour of browsing through our phones. Studies show that the blue light emission from smartphones and TV trick our brain to think its daytime and prevents us from falling asleep. Avoiding smartphone use in the dark, using blue light filter in phones and staying away from blue screens for an hour before bedtime are effective habits for a good sleep.

  1. Reduce caffeine intake

Caffeine and related products keeps you wide awake. It boosts the energy centres in your brain, effectively preparing you for more work. Avoid beverages like tea, coffee etc. in the evenings. A glass of warm milk is a good drink for late evenings and will help you sleep.

  1. Avoid daytime naps

Short naps and irregular sleeping in the daytime can stop you from sleeping in the night. The circadian rhythm is designed to align with sunrise and sunset. Erratic sleeping patterns can mess it up and make you feel exhausted by poor sleep.

  1. Overthinking

Many people who suffer from insomnia claim they can’t get their mind to stop thinking while going to bed. While it is impossible to stop the waking mind from thinking, practises like meditation can boost it to stay in the present tense and help us to cope better with stressful situations. Meditation and listening to nature sounds/music before sleep helps a lot of people to achieve a peaceful sleep.


Good sleep is inherent to a healthy body and mind. We must all pay attention to building more healthy sleeping habits in our daily lifestyle.

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