Medical institutions and scientists all around the globe are in a persistent attempt to find a vaccine for novel coronavirus. A vaccine helps the body to develop an immune response to the virus that subsequently prevents infection. The problem is it takes time to find a new vaccine- months and probably years. Coronavirus hit the globe around the final months of 2019. We were not equipped to fight the newly discovered virus. Considering the depth and urgency of the situation, it has become a global emergency to find an immediate cure.

What are the steps involved in the development of a vaccine? Scientist study the proteins found in the infected cells and see if it can be used to produce an immune response. A live virus is isolated, inactivated and is tested to see if it produced any immunity. Initially, safety testing is done in animals. The responses are used to study how effective is the vaccine. Based on the results, researchers can adapt to the vaccine.

The clinical trial is the most critical part and involves many steps. First, the vaccine is tested on several healthy individuals, and then a target groups of people and eventually to a large mass of people. The vaccine is tested to see if it creates required protection against the virus. During an outbreak, this process is speeded up and is tested on the infected population who are at a larger health risk.

Regulatory license is needed once the vaccine is proved safe and effective. Though in the case of a pandemic, this step can be time-consuming. Once a vaccine is successfully created and tested, production can be started. Large quantities of vaccine can be produced by companies that have good infrastructure and manufacturing capacity. Quality control and production are done under strict monitoring. Things can get tricky if anyone shows a negative response to the vaccine along the way. The vaccine creation is then taken straight back to the lab, where it is studied from scratch. 

The proper way of creating a vaccine may take years. Since the effects of the current pandemic are on large scale, many steps are skipped or speeded up to reach a vaccine immediately. Let’s hope our experts come up with a solution soon.

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