Home-made Remedies for Snoring

If you have a partner that snores at night there is literally no other deal breaker, you come home tired from work and then having to deal with the inability to sleep at night because of the actions of your partner’s subconscious is truly saddening. Today let us discuss some homemade remedies for snoring.

•             Peppermint: Snoring is caused due to the swelling of throat structure. Peppermint reduces the swelling of membranes.

•             Olive Oil: It eases the tissues along the respiratory passages and provide a clear passage of air.

•             Clarified Butter: Also known as ghee has medicinal properties that open up blocked nasal passages.

•             Cardamom: It is both an expectorant and decongestant, making it ideal to combat snoring.

•             Turmeric: It acts as both an antiseptic and antibiotic agent and can even treat inflammation if any.

•             Garlic: It eases snoring due to sinus blockage cause of its anti-inflammatory properties.

•             Honey: Honey helps in lubricating the throat and prevents the snoring vibrations from occurring.