The commercialisation of new world drills us with a vast number of products and brands every day. The baffling amount of advertisements even makes us feel guilty for not using at least some of them. One such area is hair care. There are literally a thousand kinds of hair products for both men and women that promise healthy glamourized hair. The problem is, these products can be effective to certain hair types and in certain demographic- not all. Hair product companies often don’t seem to pay attention to this simple fact. There are grossly different types of hair for people in the Indian subcontinent alone and they need specific treatment. Here are some common hair care myths and realities for south Indian hair type. Some of these tips are: 1. Washing hair You might get very different opinions on the hair washing practices from internet sources. Some experts might say washing hair frequently is not good. Some others would say you can wash your hair twice a day. Of course, what they fail to take into consideration is demographic. The texture of hair changes drastically between various parts of India. Southern Indians experience a more humid and hot climate compared to north. It will always be better for southerners to wash their hair more frequently, if not daily, to prevent the accumulation of oil and dirt in the scalp. 2. Shampooing Shampoo and conditioner might work for hair in a cool dry area. Not for a humid windy climate. Excess shampooing dries out oil quickly from frigid hair and the conditioner gives the hair a gluey feel. Hair experts still have different opinions on the best hair washing practise for south Indians. Some people claim that shampoo and conditioner makes the hair more fragile and even lead to hair loss. It will be a good idea to sticking to traditional coconut hair oil alone. Of course, don’t apply oil too much or you will end up with a greasy head. 3. Long hair Long sleek hair is the signature of south Indian women. Long and voluminous hair is often seen as a symbol of attractiveness and health. But is long hair really a healthy option? Experts suggest that cutting the hair short prevents hair loss and prevents the hair from sticking onto dirt. Short or medium length hair also reduces the weight on head and is easy to maintain. Moreover, a well cut hairstyle with great layers gives your face a cool new look.