In the prevailing situations, when most of us are restricted freedom and confined to our homes, it is natural that we get eventually tired of the daily routine. But, the point is to get back to normal. Parents can be tired of running after kids 24x7. Also, it is tiring to look after the house or cook food every day. Pre-COVID situations were different. We had the freedom to go for an outing, enjoy evenings on the beach, have dinner from outside, go for movies or arrange a family meet or get together. Now, things are different and you may experience family burnout as a result of pandemic afoot.

What is Family Burnout?

A simple definition can be getting tired of your family and your usual routines. There are several symptoms of this condition. Especially in a situation like this, where people are confined to their homes, you may notice someone getting emotionally or physically exhausted or easily annoyed. You may get frustrated easily.

How to prevent family burnout?

Not everybody experiences this condition. But you have to be keen if any changes are happening to you. You may have family burnout if you experience mood swings, frustration, fatigue, depression, negativity, addictive behaviours, sleep disruption, disputes with your partners etc. Being ignorant of children can also be a symptom in the case of parents.

Since March, we have witnessed total lockdown. Though most of the restrictions are eased by now, still many of the people are facing difficulties. Still the prevailing situation is a challenge to people in romantic relationships. They cannot meet or enjoy time together. For classmates, who cannot enjoy school or college fun. It affected the privacy of individuals. All these can create irritations in you and you end up being frustrated. If you feel like you are experiencing family burnout, let’s see a few tips on how to overcome such conditions and get back to normal.

Mindfulness and Acceptance - The first step to cure is to accept your condition. It is a natural phenomenon, not a severe health condition. And you cannot get 100% cured in one go. It will take some time. You have to be ready to accept and work to get yourself out of it. Be cautious of your actions.

Be who you are - If you feel like you have changed or certain things are affecting you adversely, identify the problem and adopt measures to put yourself back to the place. Give some time for yourself and try to realise. If your family members complain about your behavioural changes or advise you to control your emotions, take a minute to think whether they are right. Since they are the ones who experience all your mood swings, they can easily catch it. They can also help you to overcome the challenges.

Take a break - Once you feel exhausted, give yourself some time. Get yourself off the hook and do things which are good for your mental health and give you peace. You can sing, dance, read, listen to music, talk to your friends, paint, draw or do anything which helps you to bring back the normal cheerful you. For the time being, any family member can take the responsibilities and leave you free.

Stay healthy - Eat and drink enough and healthy food. Include food items which you like. You can include more fruits and vegetables in your diet. Maintaining a balanced diet is also necessary. Try to spend some time for yoga or exercise, which would give you relaxation. Meditation is the best therapy you can depend on in such a situation. Get adequate sleep. It also lets you relax and gives you energy.

Get help from your family - Let them help you. They can advise you what to do or not. They can also take over your responsibilities and set you free. Their cooperation is a mandatory requirement in the process of your recovery. Let them know whatever you are going through and give their full support in overcoming them.

Review actions - Once you complete any task or respond to someone, take a minute and observe whether you are right. Whether this is the way how you normally behave. Sometimes, if you are frustrated, you can end up hurting others. Hence, be careful of your actions and apologise for your mistakes which in turn keeps you peaceful.

Therefore, get away from all negative thoughts and find out how to keep yourself motivated. Utilise this time for doing creative works or spending healthy time with the family members who were rarely available at home before Covid-19. Always engage yourself in things which keep you happy and healthy.

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