Have you ever wondered why some people manage to remain skinny after eating high calorie food? Or some people easily grow weight? Metabolism plays an important part in the way human body functions. Metabolic rate vary from person to person. Knowing once own metabolic type and rate can be a step closer to building a good diet plan that suits your body. Getting to know one’s own body help us create the best lifestyle that suits us.

What are metabolic tests?

How do we discover our metabolism? A metabolic test is performed to determine your basic metabolic rate. It helps us determine how fast our bodies tend to burn up energy. The test is simple. Each person is given a tube inside which he/she breathes into for almost 10 minutes. This helps to calculate the rate of oxygen intake and carbon dioxide outtake. If your body use up more oxygen you have a higher basal metabolic rate (BMR).  A BMR test is often followed by a comprehensive range of tests that takes into account several factors. These include acid/base balance, blood sugar level, electrolyte level etc.

Metabolic tests will give you an idea about your basic health and fitness levels. Once you know your BMR, you can use the data for various health benefits like losing weight, sleep problems, gastrointestinal problems, hormonal imbalances etc. Metabolic rate also says a lot about how your eating habits should be and what foods energise you or exhaust you.

Every body type is different in various ways. It also depends on the age, demography and genetic conditions. A remedy for one person may not work for another. Therefore, it is important to understand the way your body reacts and functions to external factors.

Metabolic tests are another step towards knowing your own body. A good body awareness helps us lead a better and healthier life.

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