Things, stuff, more stuff-piled up and scattered around taking up spaces. And one day you decide to tidy up. Picking up what looks like stuff of a generation, deciding if you need them anymore and throwing them into a box without regret. And you feel it –a sense of content. You have decided to `let go’ of things. And what is more relaxing than the act of `letting go’?

So is the habit of tidying up that much a magic? Studies think so. Decluttering not only create more living spaces but relaxes your mind from responsibility of more things. More material stuff means more worrying about them. You would be surprised by how much you worry about your material possessions. New age minimalists believe that every tiny object in your home takes up a place in your mind as well. Less stuff, less to think about.

Hoarding stuff is a human habit that came from a consumerist civilization. We all love to receive `new’ stuff and possess interesting objects. But ultimately, the tendency to collect and store more and more things leaves us stressed and dissatisfied.

Throwing away things can mean different things to different people. Sometimes it is a stack of paper worth a hundred books that can be simply digitalised and stored in a computer. Or it can be fancy kitchen gadgets you kept buying out of curiosity. It can also be clothes you no longer wear or that went out of fashion. It can even be a cupboard full of cables and used pens.

What needs to be decluttered ultimately depends upon personal choice. But the mere act of losing things that no longer serve any purpose can reduce your stress levels. It can give you a sense of fulfilment and relaxation. A clear space creates a clear mind. It’s no joke when productivity gurus suggest cleaning up your room as first step to success.