Benefits of Switching To Disposable Medical Supplies

Disposable medical supplies are those that are used on one patient during one procedure only and then disposed of. The number one reason for preferring disposable medical supplies over the reusable ones is the protection of patients. Therefore, there are no risks of HAI from the product. They are also proving to be more cost-efficient and also offer savings in time that reusable products do not offer. Decontamination is one of the most major benefits of using disposable items, as you would get contamination free product for each use. When a medical tool is used, decontaminated and put into storage, we cannot really track its cleanliness. This is not the case with disposable items. If inventory is lost or broken or stolen, it costs a lot of money to the concerned healthcare centre. But single-use instruments allow the supply tracking of these products to make sure that the tool or products is present in abundance, which can tie up the capital.

The above-mentioned facts add to the increasing influx of tourists who aim for medical tourism in Kerala, where one of the first steps to be implemented is the use of medical disposables like probe covers into the health care system.