Benefits of Rebounding

According to science, it turns out that rebounding is twice as effective as running a treadmill. This idea was popularized in 1986 when NASA studied its benefits so as to help their astronauts recover and regain bone and muscle mass after being in space. Of course. being in zero gravity for several days can lead to muscle and bone degradation. The reason why rebounding is very unique is because it's forces of acceleration and deceleration can work on every cell in the body. When you rebound the following actions occur:

• An acceleration action upwards

• A split-second weightless at the top

• A deceleration at an increased G-force downwards

• Impact to the rebounder

The other major benefit of rebounding is to our skeletal system. Similar to the benefits of weight bearing exercises to the bone mass, rebounding with increased G Force helps skeletal system to support more weight. Other advantages include:

• Improves lymphatic drainage and immune function

• Helps increase bone mass

• Helps improve digestion

• Increases endurance on a cellular

• Helps improve balance by stimulating the vestibule in the middle ear

• Rebounding helps circulate oxygen throughout the body.

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