Can Ayurveda cure cancer? This has been the question lingering around Indian ayurvedic community for a long time. It is still not sure whether the ancient medical wisdom can cure cancer completely but many texts give descriptions about medical practices that are believed to be used as treatment for cancer. There is proof that some techniques can cure many symptoms associated with the disease. There are special diet plans, detoxification practises and breathing techniques along with intake of herbal medications as prescribed by physicians for the treatment of cancer.

People with cancer often make use of touch therapies and aroma therapies along with modern treatments. Many claim that these therapies helped them to cope better with the related symptoms. Some experts believe that many herbal remedies can create major impact in re growing healthy cells in place of malignant growths. It should be important to note that these alternative therapies must not interfere or complicate with the main treatment.

Most ayurvedic practitioners advocate toxin removal, bowel cleansing and nasya as common practices. Even though, intake of herbal medicine can still be viewed with scepticism, there are many other beneficial methods for relief. Yoga, meditation, breathing techniques etc. will cater to the general wellbeing of a person. These are harmless practises than can help a patient with smooth recovery without any serious side effects.

Safety of ayurvedic medicine should always be a concern. Medicines made from herbal sources should meet the necessary quality standards. Unlicensed use of herbal medicine should be avoided. Many believe in the discovery of a ayurvedic medication that can completely cure cancer. While hoping for this to come true, we can stick on to the vast available ayurvedic wisdom to make the journey of healing from cancer a little easier.