Avoid Wrapping Foils

The use of aluminum foil in everyday use has become a common practice in every house hold. Whether it is to wrap up lunch for the kids or leftover for tomorrow, we use it without knowing the dangers behind it.

It is a common fact that aluminum intake is one of the leading causes of Alzheimer’s. The human body is potent enough to flush out small amounts of aluminum and it can even detoxify itself, but under large doses and on periodic use, the body slowly degenerates.

The hot cuisine and oils trap unhealthy amounts of aluminum in the foils and we directly assimilate it. Red meat is believed to show the most aluminum contamination. Even though pots and pans have an aluminum layer it does little to damage the body which is not the case of foils as the food has direct contact with it.

The important steps we can take are to use Tupperware and other forms of food securing means and also to start cooking with glass and ceramics instead.