Health Supplements

A very ugly trend that has crawled its way to the capital city of GOD's own country, Trivandrum is the use of health supplements. While in paper, the supplements are extremely beneficial they help give the body what it otherwise naturally lacks. Supplements, in general, are meant to be consumed for those who have a lower than needed quantity of certain very important dietary obtained nutrition. Everyone is familiar with calcium and protein supplements, the problem is no supplement should not be entertained and should only be consumed under prescribed medical proportions. What we need to understand is that you cannot out-exercise a bad diet nor can you out-diet the lack of exercise. Both of these are fundamental, and have to be assessed. Substituting these in favour of pills and medicines should be discouraged.

The proficient understanding of the above-mentioned facts add to the increasing influx of tourists that aim for medical tourism in Kerala and one of the very first steps that need to be implemented is the use of medical disposables such as probe covers into the general system of health care