Disposable Prayer Sheet

₹140 ₹160
13% Off
Included 5% of TAX

The prayer sheet is for safe Namaz. It is made up of Spunlace Hydrophilic Material/ Trilaminate Non Woven Fabric Material.


  • This material is AAMIPB17 tested and certified by the Association for the Advancement of medical Instrumentation. The water proof technology prevents the entry of all type of liquid substances like water, body fluids etc.
  • It is made slip-free with enough friction to stand on them properly.
  • Completely eco-friendly and manufactured by sustainable means.
  • The non-woven material ensures strength and durability of the material.
  • It can be easily folded and handled.
  • ETO sterilised and hence safety is ensured before reaching customers
  • It is certified on ASTMF2407 standards by Food and Drug Administration.
  • The sterility assurance level (TCL) of 10*6 guarantees the good quality of product.

All matters are subject to Kerala Jurisdiction. Goods once sold cannot be taken back. Goods will be dispatched only after receiving 100% payment.

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