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Every child on earth has the basic human right to grow up in a safe environment. Curiosity runs deep in the blood of any child and exploring their natural surroundings becomes a secondary instinct for them. It is our job to ensure a healthy environment for the kids to explore and grow up.  Many children suffer from unacceptable living conditions they are in desperate need for clean water and safe foods. As parents get ready to head their kids back off to school, it would be a good idea to be aware of the child’s environment. The environment has a much bigger impact on the kids than over adults. The immature tissues and organs can easily be affected from the environmental pollutants. The growing stage of the kids introduces a greater risk to environmental contaminants. Young children take more breaths than adults in a minute, meaning they intake a lot more pollutants (if present) than adults, the fewer alveoli in their lungs also raises another issue. The susceptibility to children to pesticides is also a growing predicament. Their metabolism rates and pathways for absorption and excretion of substances are also different; their extrovert nature allows a higher chance of getting in contact with potent chemical hazards. Let’s safe guard our young ones and the future generation by keeping our environment child secure.