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Research from several agencies reveals that drinking an extra cup of coffee even decaffeinated is said to increase the average life span of the humans. This was based on the research from a journal published by the Annals of Internal Medicine. Another research team from the International Agency on Cancer and Imperial College in London has made a similar claim that drinking more coffee would result in lowering the risk of heart and gut related deaths. Even though there is lots of evidence claiming the findings it is by no means perfect and we cannot claim that coffee beans are an elixir. The increasing life span could be a result of various others factors of which coffee might just be an element. For example those who drank 3 cups must have socialized more or those who could afford that extra cup might also be able to afford better health care. Even though it is true that coffee can temporarily make us feel alert its effects vary from person to person. There is also a standing research that says coffee drinking for women would result in a higher rate of ovarian cancer. The current study claims 3 extra months for males and 1 for females for those who drink that extra cup.