Medical tourism in Kerala,medical disposables,probe covers

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Across the world, hospitals are facing a major influx of patients. This gives rise to the need of maintaining hospital equipment so as to provide an improved diagnostic facility. More often than not, keeping track of the service schedules of the equipment can be a daunting task. The manufacturers also differ as far as service recommendations are concerned. The clinical staff is also sometimes at fault by not maintaining the equipment. Additionally, the preventive maintenance needs are not applicable to all medical assets. It is also crucial to obtain manufacturer support and the support for the arrangement of replacement parts. It is also better to find an effective way to maintain the hospital equipment while managing the assets. The inventory needs to be managed, maintenance schedules should be given, regular audits need to be done and lifecycle management should be done so as to track a medical asset throughout its useful life and the maintenance it requires.

The above-mentioned facts add to the increasing influx of tourists who aim for medical tourism in Kerala, where one of the first steps to be implemented is the use of medical disposables like probe covers into the health care system.