Medical tourism in Kerala,medical disposables,probe covers

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Genuine feedback from for international patients is a must if we are to figure out how to improve the medical tourism in our humble state. There are several hospitals and clinic that take adequate effort to measure the patient satisfaction; this could be in the form of a paper-based survey or an online form. Besides the mandatory questions the other questions should be framed so that you can address the following implementation problems:

• How well, do we know the international patients?

• What was their view before and after the treatment?

• What are the suggestions that they made which could be effectively implemented?

• How does it compare with which other destinations they have visited

These are the questions that actually, give you answers that could help you to improve your services. The cultural difference is vast and there might be several things that we can't possibly think of that they would enjoy and their satisfaction can be assured through a closed understanding of the visitors.

The proficient understanding of the above-mentioned facts add to the increasing influx of tourists that aim for medical tourism in Kerala and one of the very first steps that need to be implemented is the use of medical disposables such as probe covers into the general system of health care.