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India and Kerala, in particular, remain to be a top medical tourism destination in the world. India is already the second most popular destination behind Thailand in Asia and within our humble nation, Kerala holds a prime position. The southern-most state of India boasts a 100% literacy rate and one of the most advanced health care systems which can easily be placed in the same bracket as international medical institutions. Kerala also houses experienced medical practitioners and staff that are well versed in the English lexicon. Not to mention the cost of a specific treatment is 6 times more costly in the US when compared to anywhere in India and especially in Kerala. Kerala is also widely known as the home of Ayurveda which is surprisingly popular in Europe and North America than it is in our own country. The aesthetic beauty of Kerala does not have to be specifically mentioned as it is very evident. Kerala has now ventured into other forms of medicine which also brings in the foreign beneficiaries who have heard and understood a great deal of the same. The cherry on top of the whipped cream on top of the already extremely sweet cake is that the governments of both the central and state government have taken the preliminary steps to promote medical tourism.