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Biomedical waste is an obvious by-product of the medical sector and there are no two ways to look at this. Studies and reports of the last decade, however, show that the use of disposable products has increased greatly. In fact, it stands to reason that several key challenges in bio-medical waste management can be overcome if we make use of disposable products and the benefits that disposable products offer, outweigh the advantages of other products. Most people abstain from disposable products as they genuinely believe that single-use devices are a waste of money or not cost effective.

It has been proven over several studies that when you consider the cost of sterilization, in the long run, disposable products are more cost effective than their reusable counterparts. They are also time effective as the same time consumption of sterilizing does not apply here. Not to mention the environmental benefits that disposable products offer as it can be decomposed and also solves the imminent issue of the increased medical wastes. If you still have doubts, just know that no sterilization process ever guarantees 100% sterilization and in the medical world, a single slip-up may have dire consequences.