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As per the studies conducted in March 2016, it has been found that India generates about 484 tonnes of biomedical waste per day, from its 160,000 health-care centres. This is including all human and animal anatomical waste, syringes and other used treatment equipment. To put it in perspective, that about 1-2 kilograms per bed a day from hospitals, and 600 grams per bed a day from clinics. These numbers are expected to increase with India most likely to generate about 775.5 tonnes of medical waste per day by 2022. Which means that the waste management market in India is expected to reach USD 13.62 billion by 2025.

Several key challenges in bio-medical waste management can be overcome if we make use of medical disposable products. The use of probe covers and other one-time use products can easily solve this issue. These decomposable products are relatively cost efficient when you compare the sterilizing procedure costs as well. Not to mention they are better for the environment as well. Being in the medical field it is very unlikely that you can achieve 100% sterilization and the minute of the contaminants are enough to have the disease spread.