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According to the Tourism Market Report of 2015, India has one of the lowest cost and highest quality of all medical tourism destinations. Studies show that the medical tourism in India is expected to grow from $ 3 billion to $ 7 – 8 billion by 2020. The main reason for this sudden jump is due to the fact that the costs of procedures are about one – tenth the cost of similar procedures in the US. In India, Kerala is considered as the ideal hub for medical tourism as it is abundant in natural beauty and cultural heritage.  Being the only state in India, with cent percent literacy rate Kerala also boasts an index of advanced hospitals with world class facilities, renowned doctors that specialize in several major disciplines, trained medical staff and technicians who are well versed in the English language. Not to mention the fact that alternative medicines are becoming increasingly popular especially in certain areas of Europe and Kerala is widely considered as the birthplace of Ayurveda and its treatments are also widely accepted. Needless to say that there will certainly be few hurdles on the way before medical tourism in Kerala reaches the heights its meant to.