"Quality Enhancements & Ethical Edge are Indispensable Values for us in the Medical Sector."

Three Seas Medical & Surgical Private Limited is one of the most reputed companies in Kerala with its operation since 2013. It is one among the many prestigious company under the three seas group having over 40 years of market experience all across Kerala. Three Seas Medical and Surgical Pvt Ltd is dedicated to distribute and deliver quality medical items at cost effective pricing.

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One aspect which has been factored in for the fame and worth of the company was its no-compromise approach to quality. For the last three years, the company has been hardly concerned about the price range of its products or of the materials used to make them. Any concern in that direction would affect the finish of the products, that are deemed to be so qualitative as to be free from toxic elements.
Supply latest medical equipment and technology
Provide the best care by our dedicated staffs

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Theree Seas Medical and Surgical Private Limited which runs the initiative has had reputation ever since it started in 2012 of timely supplying of qualitative medical equipment to hospitals and institutions. It is one of the leading licenced manufactures of pharma products, quality raw materials and fabrics to institutions across the globe. The products that the company supplies are disposable caps like surgical cap, doctors' cap etc; resuable aprons, hospital bed covers, disposable shoe covers, lab coats, gowns, disposable face masks etc. That the company has been noted for achieving qualitative finish in these products for the last four years tells a tale about the care it has given to customer satisfaction. It does have a religious commitment to meet the standards, prescribed by the authorities concerned such as safety and sterility. The disposable face masks made and supplied by the company are widely demanded the world over.

  • HIV Safety Kit
  • Prob Cover
  • Disposable Ambu Bag
  • Sterile Camera Cover
  • Disposable Lab Coat
  • Disposable Hospital Gown
  • Disposable Protective Apron
  • Disposable Gloves
  • Disposable Cap
  • Disposable Face Masks
  • Disposable Hospital Bed Covers
  • Disposable Shoe Covers

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